Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding is a wonderful and special way to treat, support, teach and provide assistance to children and adults suffering from various problems, limitations or difficulties. In each case, of course, the therapeutic program is adapted to the specific requirements and abilities of the rider.

Therapeutic riding has many advantages and it has a positive influence on many functions : the motoric function, the social – emotional function, the psychological – behavioral function, the cognitive – perceptual function, and other functions and aspects as well.

The advantages of the therapeutic riding derive from the special team of – “horse – therapist – patient” : the horse offers the patient a non – judgmental, accepting relationship which is independent of any extrinsic interest. That is how the patient learns to expand the trust and connection with the horse to the outside world. In addition, the bond with the horse helps the patient break free of the limits society and external pressures place upon him and lets the child develop, grow and form a positive self-image. The physical contact with the horse provides the patient with a source of warmth and love and forms an initial basis and foundation for learning and development processes. The interaction between the child and the instructor ins just as important as the bond to the horse, and is key to the success of the therapy.

Riding the horse is an opportunity for the rider to be exposed to various stimuli and face new experiences, challenges and situations.

Riding challenges many different and varied abilities of the rider, and thereby offers him an opportunity to develop new skills. In the process, the rider develops new patterns of self esteem and confidence. Most importantly – the riding provides him with successes and a great deal of satisfaction, the ability to cope with difficulties and a sense of control. By focusing on his abilities rather than on his weaknesses, the motivation of the rider and fill him with a sensation of pride, achievement, and independence, thereby opening before him new channels for meeting additional challenges, learning new skills, and achieving new goals.

The movement and physical contact with the horse has a significant contribution to developing new skills and to physical, motoric and sensational development.

They provide an incredible sensory stimulation that aids the rider in proper development of various brain functions. In addition, the riding can bring about improved motor coordination development, improved balance, proper posture, coordination, and general physical awareness. On the horse, the rider reaches a higher level of attentiveness and concentration than ever and experiences, for the very first time, a different perspective of the world, once in which he observes the world from on high, from  a position of independence, power and control.

Therapeutic riding offers a special framework which enables the patient to work in a free and fluid environment

Which is not part of a stiff educational framework, but is rather part of a protected, calm and non threatening environment. Therapeutic riding in general is an enjoyable activity and is perceived as a fun activity. that is what therapeutic riding spurts the rider into greater motivation in work and study, and makes him more prepared to cooperate and follow instructions. This framework enables the patient to begin to deal himself with the difficulties that naturally arise (and/or that are artificially induced) during the riding. It is through the enjoyment that is part and parcel of riding the horse that the instruction team manages to meet various therapeutic goals in the various fields.

Therapeutic riding can aid patients in dealing with various issues, including:

  • Attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities
  • Low self confidence and low self esteem
  • Social difficulties
  • Motoric difficulties, including low muscle tone
  • Trauma and post trauma
  • Autism and various developmental difficulties

We believe that the moment a patient – child, youth or adult begins interaction with the horse, Is magical. The bond formed between the patient and the horse,


With the guidance of the therapist – instructor, the horse provides the patient with an all embracing framework of unconditional love. The horse will accept him just as he is, giving the patient much needed security. This renders the therapeutic process more effective over both the short and long run.

Like us, the health medical organizations also believe in the potential of this therapeutic method to promote change


That is why all the HMOs subsidize therapy at our ranch. In addition, we also work in with the welfare departments and insurance companies. We advise that you check your eligibility to subsidized, high quality therapy. Are you wondering whether is the right therapy for you or your children? Contact us and we will be delighted to help!