A beneficial partnership between man and horse

In a real partnership the individual enjoys the advancement of emotional, behavioral or motoric goals, and the horse enjoys professional, warm and loving care. When both the environment and community enjoy themselves, we get the perfect connection.

רכיבה טיפולית

Therapeutic riding

Therapeutic riding is a wondrous and special way to combine therapy, support and education to children and adults dealing with problems, limitations or other difficulties.

Riding as a sport

Exhibition leaps and dressage to improve posture and balance, strengthen the core muscles and develop coordination for a marvelous sportive enjoyment.

Riding summer camps for children

Loads of fun! Riding on horses, looking after animals, green creative activities, recycling and environmental protection

Contribution to the community and the environment

Integrating at-risk youth, activities for the benefit of welfare supported children, long term volunteer activity framework and many other new plans.

היופי הגדול של החיים

אינו טמון בכך שלא ניפול,

אלא בכך שנקום

כל פעם מחדש.