Community outreach

Community outreach

Since its establishment, the association is active in the promotion of social causes and goals through bonding with horses:

Activities for after school child care facilities of the Raanana Welfare Department – experiential recreation days in which the children enjoy riding horses, environmentally friendly creative activities, cooking pitas in the taboon and more. We invite 20 children on each recreation day to enjoy an experience they will cherish forever…


Integration of at – risk youth who have dropped out of conventional educational institutions in projects aimed at the empowerment of these youths in collaboration with various institutions.



In the Raanana Riding Club, we believe strongly in the nurturing of the future generation on the values of awareness and respect towards the other, and personal contribution to their environment.

That is why we offer horse riding programs to volunteer youths. The teenagers take a break from their screens and arrive at the ranch, which soon becomes their second home, to work with and care for the horses, bask in their love, and acquire the communication skills, self confidence and mutual trust that they need to succeed in life. The volunteers assist the instructors during the therapy they provide to other children, and thereby give back of themselves to the community and to society.

The ranch holds therapeutic riding lessons for children and youths suffering from various disabilities – the process of the treatment takes place on a personal basis in the framework of therapist (instructor) – patient – horse.

In some cases, the therapists – instructors will require external assistance in order to provide their patients with their full attention and thereby optimize the therapy process (for example, if the patient suffers from a disability that prevents him from maintaining his seat on the horse independently). That is where the volunteer youths come in, as well as the patients themselves, who seek to assist their therapist – instructors. In this manner they amplify the therapist – patient relationship, assume responsibility, immerse themselves in the mutual respect which is the basis of the relationship between animals and the staff of the ranch, enjoy the unconditional love of their steeds, and have a chance to contribute to society.

In addition, we provide opportunities for gainful employment of individuals suffering from disabilities from various hostels.


Coming this year…

A place of their own – establishing a weekly program to empower immigrant women – mutual support and therapy group which will include horseback riding, handling horses and group support