About The Farm

Raanana Riding Club

The Horse Riding Promotion Association for Children and Youth and the Sharon

The Raanana Riding Club seeks to make the most out of the partnership of horse and man, starting with therapeutic riding, equestrian sports, summer camps, community outreach, and environmental (and specifically animal) activities.

The bond with the horse runs both ways. Each party, man and beast gains much from giving to the other. That is why every type of riding progresses through the therapeutic route and touches the man – both physically and emotionally.

The club successfully incorporates the most important principles of working with horses: the highest level of professionalism, uncompromising security, and an empowering experience which contributes to everyone who comes in contact with the horse – both those who merely wish to enjoy interaction with the horses and improve their physical and equestrian skills, and those with emotional, motoric and neurological difficulties. When we add the clean air and the rural environment, and take the curtains down, we arrive at the perfect environment…

The club enables a large variety of activities, starting with therapeutic riding, equestrian sport classes for all levels from beginners to competitive contest participation, therapeutic riding, fun and team spirit building days, summer camp and a wide range of other activities, for all ages between 3-80.

All the activities in the club take place with meticulous attention to the environment and the quality of life of the animals – Taking care of their physical and emotional needs, in a caring and dedicated manner on a day-to-day basis.

The Raanana Riding Club operates with the approval of the Municipal Government of Raanana, is under constant Veterinary supervision, the authorization of the fire services and is fully covered by the appropriate insurance policies.

The Riding Association

The Raanana Riding Club was established in the year 2000 and is considered to be one of the largest, professional and highest quality riding clubs in Central Israel.

Starting from 2013 an association promoting the equestrian sports and animal care is active on the site.

The association seeks to provide high quality care to the entire population – both children and adults, and fill their therapeutic needs as regards emotional, behavioral, motoric or neurological issues. In addition, of course, the association seeks to provide them and the general population with the chance to engage in a pleasurable and rewarding sport.

The association works with the insured of all Health Medical Organizations, with the insurance companies and with the welfare department in Raanana, in order to provide subsidized treatments to children with special needs. In addition, we also provide a venue for private therapy on the site.

Our therapists –

  • All of our instructors are qualified by a recognized institute and possess extensive practical experience working with horses
  • Our instructors are therapeutic riding instructors with qualification certificates and extensive experience working with children and adults suffering from handicaps or emotional difficulties.
  • Our instructors undergo additional advanced studies on a ongoing basis and fluently speak various languages (Hebrew, English, French, Russian)

Our ranch –

  • Our ranch is the home of about 20 adorable and calm horses, of different sizes and various training levels. This variety enables us to match each rider to the horse that is right for his size, age and riding skill.
  • Our ranch is the home of children, youths and adults who come to ride and volunteer in the ranch.

Community outreach

Since its establishment, the association has actively pursued the promotion of social causes through interaction with the horses:

Activities to the after school daycare of the welfare department in Raanana – experiential recreation in which the children get to enjoy riding, ecologically friendly creative activities, baking pitot in the tabun, and more. The ranch invited 20 children at a day to experience a day of educational fun they will always cherish.

Involving at-risk youth – programs for volunteer youth who learn how to ride and handle horses. The teenagers take a break from their screens and arrive at the ranch, which has become their second home, in order to work with and take care of the horses, soak up their love, and acquire communication skills, self confidence and mutual trust. The volunteers help the instructors when they instruct and provide therapy for visiting children and thereby have the opportunity to give back of themselves to the community and to society.

On the program this year …

A place of their own – establishing a weekly program to empower immigrant women – a support and therapy group that includes riding, horse care and handling, and group therapy.

Fire fighting arrangements and insurance coverage as required.